Comfort in discomfort

What if you found out the only God ever wanted to tell you was how much He loved you? That's what I wanna share. I hope you see it.

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My father.

"My father never told me about how his father never told him how he loved him more than his sanity,

cause see his father died when he was only twelve or thirteen
and he never really understood how kids need affection like its nicotine,

cause alcohol and cigarettes need direction to feed addiction so it can run your life and keep you off your feet,
my father knows more about that than i know that the pain I feel now is because I never knew it was his love I would need.
and it seems like strange fiction once you reach a certain point, it never seems that anyone says what they really mean.
They never be rather than seem.
So why do I seem to cling to these things that tear me open from the inside so everyone can see.
I’m a broken mess and I don’t know what Christ see’s in me.
But He handles it so perfectly
Abolishing pain in my heart so that my sore bones are numb to me.
So that I make walk with Him eternally.
That’s why I learned to let go of my love for people and learned to love Christ so that my love for human beings turned into a love of life.
And now I live satisfied knowing I can share this till my dying day
That Christ has saved me, and through His love He has made a way.”

So I’ve noticed.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend about a topic that has been coming up a lot recently. I’ve noticed in many Christians lives (myself included) that we all have a problem figuring out who we are, what to do, who we should be with, what we should major in, and in general the overall goal God has for us at the end of the road. My friend had an interesting thought that we like to rationalize the will of God by making every decision as though we were standing at a fork in the road, peering down to the left and right and swing whichever way God happened to be standing. When in reality, ( this is the part I love) guess what; God is at both ends of the road.
“whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him” col. 3:17

Let me repeat that first part. “In WHATEVER YOU DO,” do it for the glory of God.
See I believe that every part of me as a human being was crafted by God and that includes a brain with rational thought. However being limited to my humanity obviously if I tried to sit down and really figure out Gods will for my life or any given situation would be more than my finite mind could comprehend. See the problem we face is that we are indecisive and stagnate in our faith because we are so worried about taking the wrong steps we won’t take any steps at all. There is the problem. You are actually concerned that some how you, a tiny speck of dirt in comparison to the whole of existence, whose meaning comes from that other people and God gives to you, are going to some how mess up the creator of the universes plan by messing something up.
Let me be the first to say, you are not that powerful. And you are far to important to God for Him to trust that kind of power in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use it.
Quite simply, friends. Stop being indecisive because you’re scared. Stop worrying about Gods plan, because you need only go and love others and do what you decide to do according to obedience to him, and be free from the lie you have to know the answer. Trial and error are really the only way you’ll find your answers. Don’t stop to look forward, look around you and you will find why God has for you.
Praise Him.

This one is for you

You know who you are, 

Twinkles in your eyes peering up at the stars.

Take as many pictures as you can, before the sun reaches high

Because its at night when you hide your face and fear the touch of daylight

It’s beauty is swift, but its comfort eludes you,

you haven’t any idea why grace isn’t given but to a few, like,

How can I deserve this beautiful gift? When so many better people deserve it..

My dear that is a lie, a tall tale from Satan. God’s mercy isn’t pick and choosy, it’s predestined. 

Sure it may be specific, but Oh How He loves YOU. 

It’s hard for you to grasp, but I kinda like you too. 

Dearest friend, my sister in Christ, 

this life is worth living, even with pain inside, see,

the things we do, and things we’ve done 

are never to be confused with a victory already won.

Stop trying so hard to buy other peoples approval,

darling you’re bought with a price, and the price was brutal. 
Jesus Christ took your death and made you perfect, 

all so you could feel life, not say you are worthless. 

How must it make Him weep, you thinking you’re and awful mess,

considering He stitched you together out of love and Holiness. 

Maybe you aren’t perfect, but perfection took your place, 

and that makes you perfect to me, at least shrouded in Grace. 

One more time, if only for effect, you daughter of the King 


You can pick your chin up and carry on a little more. 

Because you’ll never believe just for you, what God has in store. 

Revelation 21:4 He will wipe away every tear and every pain

Philippians 4:4 You don’t have to worry, you can feel peace again

Galatians 2:20 Christ lives in you

Genesis 16:13 God see’s you too

Lamentations 3 His mercy’s every morning are made new

Romans 8:1 There is no condemnation in Christ

1 John 4:8 God is love

My dearest friend, you are so very much perfect the way you are. I hope one day you see that too. :) 

Oh this song. 

I felt like writing.

God moving is one of things that moves my spirit gently yet abruptly like the waves billow upon a shore. And His peace lets me view passed the highest peak of those waves. I need His presence like a long awaited soldier returning to his wife. To be embraced by true love in its completion and endlessness. Oh how His adoration for me goes beyond not only understanding but beyond time itself for He stitched me together piece by piece. Praise God and His endless joy of which He pours upon me more than the ocean has water. “And were the ocean filled with ink and the sky made of parchment, the love of God of above would drain the ocean dry, nor could the scroll contain the whole, though stretch from sky to sky.” Praise God above all else and His love endures forever and His steadfast mercy never ends. Oh Lord You’re perfect.

So often do we feel burdened like this. How better to soothe the itch than to lighten the loads of others. 

Needed this

So often do we feel burdened like this. How better to soothe the itch than to lighten the loads of others.

Needed this